Photo: IT Services

The IT-services provided by Mercitalia Intermodal give our customers the opportunity of booking their own transports on-line. Our IT-services consist in

  • an internet connection
  • a standard XML-track provided by us

Through the Cesar website, each customer can track and trace his transports on the way to their destinations, from booking to collection of the relevant loading unit.

By logging-in into their Reserved Area, customers have access to various commercial and processing information.

By automating the drop-off and pick-up procedures at terminal, i.e. endorsing either the "Withdrawal Codes" or the "Drivers’ Database" procedures for collection loading units, Mercitalia Intermodal provides a more efficient service in terms of timing and safety than ever before.

Digitalized procedures for data exchange with all terminals involved in the transport chain enable us to promptly process traffic data and troubleshoot irregularities.

Thanks to an IT-process, customers receive without delay information about departure, arrival and irregularities for all loading units they entrusted Mercitalia Intermodal with.