"Thanks to a fleet of wagons specialized for combined transport corresponding to about 2.800 platforms, Mercitalia Intermodal is able to meet all customers’ needs, ensuring reliable and high-quality services together with the highest safety standards in transport."

Mercitalia Intermodal’s fully interoperable and state-of-the-art fleet is composed as follows:
    • flat wagons, suitable for carriage of swap bodies and containers
    • lowered wagons for high-cube equipment
    • pocket wagons, suitable for carriage of cranable semi-trailers (including mega trailer).

Thus it is able to load and transport all types of intermodal transport unit that our customers may employ.

A continuous renewal and evolution of its fleet allows Mercitalia Intermodal to work with one of the youngest and most technologically advanced fleets on the market, with cutting-edge solutions such as our "intelligent" wagons, which, thanks to recent investments, are the 15% of the entire property fleet and are equipped with sensors for monitoring the real-time state of the wagon.

Mercitalia Intermodal, as a certified Entity in Charge of Maintenance under the EU Regulation 445/2011, provides proactive maintenance aiming to ensure to its fleet the highest standard of reliability and safety.

Mercitalia Intermodal is also active, cooperating with Mercitalia Rail - another company of the Mercitalia Polo - in telematics projects such as the "Smart Train", an intra-train communication system between wagons equipped with sensors that allows the automation of railway operations (such as brake testing and preparation of the waybill) and a level of safety higher than the already high level of safety typical of rail transport.

Major events concerning the Mercitalia Intermodal fleet:

05/30/2016 - Presentation of the "Self Aware Freight Wagons" concept at the 11th ed. of the World Congress on Railway Research (Milan).

09/21/2016 - Presentation of the "Intelligent Freight Wagon" at Innotrans 2016 (Berlin).

02/20/2017 - Presentation of the wagon "smart" on the occasion of the launching event of Mercitalia held in Milan Central Station.

19/09/2018 - Presentation at Innotrans 2018 (Berlin) of the "smart train", an innovative project of the Mercitalia Polo that will make it possible to create freight trains made up of "smart" wagons that can "talk" in real time with the locomotive, ensuring significant improvements in terms of operational efficiency, customer service and operational safety, compared to current trains.