Our network

Mercitalia Intermodal organizes road-rail combined transport, ship-rail combined transport, as well as specific door-to-door services, in Italy and abroad and provides for the execution of ancillary operations to the accomplishment of this service. The ancillary services are carried out in the national and international rail intermodal terminals, where trains belonging to the Mercitalia Intermodal network arrive and leave. They consist in lift-ons/-offs, customs formalities and storage. In cooperation with Bluferries (a company of the FSI Group), Mercitalia Intermodal also provides domestic ferry services from Messina/Tremestieri to Villa S. Giovanni and vice versa.

The Door to Door Traffic takes advantage of a dedicated rail network and allows to exert direct control on the first and the last road mile. It has its own fleet of 700 swap bodies/containers of different types. It ensures price stability as the fuel cost fluctuations have little effect on sales prices. Moreover, it is a "contingency plan" by road in case of railway gridlocks. 

The Maritime and Ferry Freight Traffic provides combined road-rail transport services between the major intermodal terminals in northern Italy and the main Tyrrhenian ports for sea containers and HC containers traveling on low- platform rail wagons as well as the ancillary operations related to intermodal service, such as warehousing and repair of empty containers, gate in/ out in the internal terminals, completing customs formalities in the internal terminals, storage of laden containers in terminals, where limitations for particular type of good apply (i.e. ADR/RID-goods).

Our "Maritime" network connects the Italian ports to Northern Europe and vice versa via the major hub of Verona Q.E., with efficient transit-times and gives our customers the advantage of using our national services (loading or delivery, boarding on ships, custom clearance, etc.).

Besides public trains, Mercitalia Intermodal runs "Company Trains", that is block-train services, which are tailored to suit specific customers’ needs

On some relations a "Fast Corridor" service is available. It gives our customers the opportunity of forwarding their cargo goods without custom clearing them immediately after their disembarkation, since custom clearance may be done at the intermodal terminal of arrival.

Mercitalia Intermodal operates on the Italian territory through its branch offices with specialized operational staff.