About us

Mercitalia Intermodal is the major Intermodal Operator in Italy and the third one in Europe. Mercitalia Intermodal promotes, organizes and markets Road-Rail Combined Transport and Door to Door Transports services in Italy and abroad, managing a railfreight network connecting more than 150 intermodal terminals throughout Europe.

Mercitalia Intermodal is a subsidiary of the company “Mercitalia Logistics”, sub holding of the FS Group; Mercitalia Intermodal will play a part in the project aiming at relaunching the cargo business through the development of integrated freight and logistics transport.


Mercitalia Intermodal aims to be a leader in domestic and international road-rail and maritime combined transport.

Mercitalia Intermodal, whose core business is the development of intermodal transport, seeks to offer on the market products with high quality standards and meeting various customers’ needs. By developing intermodal transport, Mercitalia Intermodal also intends to contribute to:

  • a greater respect for the environment;
  • high safety in the transportation of goods;
  • increased efficiency and effectiveness of the logistics network at businesses’ disposal.

Turnover: 212 million €

Trains in domestic traffic: 3.843

Trains in internationa traffic: 10.172

Domestic consignments: 104.531 unit - 2.815.560 train x Km

International consignments: 357.019 unit - 10.137.457 train x Km

Wagons: 1.750, 2.750 modules (1.900 of which it owns) used for both domestic and international consignments.

(Key statistics at 31/12/2022)