Starting from 2011, Mercitalia Intermodal has decided to further promote this initiative by going in with an awareness programme into the market, enhancing the importance of choosing the Intermodal transport to contribute to a greater Environment respect.

In order to measure the quantity of CO2 emissions produced by the freight traffic committed Mercitalia Intermodal has employed the calculation instrument provided freely by EcoTransit on its Web Site  (, by entering parameters fit to the peculiarities of our Transports.

The foundations commitment to the environment but also to all stakeholders involved in the activities and processes, were declined by Mercitalia Intermodal in the Integrated Policy for Safety, Environment and Quality.

Mercitalia Intermodal for its liability, has taken in consideration the context in which the Company operates, the needs of customers, of other interested parties and compliance of requirements; all these factors were subsequently translated into compliance obligations or strategic elements for the continuity of it own business.

Here below the "Integrated Policy for Safety, Environment and Quality".