Reserved Area

Mercitalia Intermodal, in order to offer to its customers a service oriented to the needs of flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness of every modern company, developed the 'Reserved Area”.

Into this Area you can carry out the following activities without additional costs:

- Search of unit’s pick up code
- Search of drivers authorized to pick-up the unit
- Search of electronic Borderau created during the check in/out operation
- Consultation of invoices
- Consultation of offer about on different traffic relation
- Consultation of circular letter and other documents
- Consultation CO2 Saving Report

For the connection to the Reserved Area is required a login and a password, that you can ask to the Information and Technology Department (e-mail: with an e-mail containig the name and the e-mail address of the person choise by your company to manage this service.

During your first connection will be asked the online subscription of access conditions.

For support and assistance please contact Information Technology Department.

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