About Mercitalia Intermodal

Mercitalia Intermodal is the major Intermodal Operator in Italy and the third one in Europe. Mercitalia Intermodal promotes, organizes and markets Road-Rail Combined Transport and Door to Door Transports services in Italy and abroad, managing a railfreight network connecting more than 150 intermodal terminals throughout Europe.

Mercitalia Intermodal is a subsidiary of the company “Mercitalia Logistics”, sub holding of the FS Group; Mercitalia Intermodal will play a part in the project aiming at relaunching the cargo business through the development of integrated freight and logistics transport.

In 1976, Cemat, today Mercitalia Intermodal, was recognized as a national company in the field of Combined Road-Rail Transport.
Capital stock: 7 million Euros


Andrea De Bernardi

Sales and Operations Director

Federico Mogioni

Administration, Human Resources, Security and Quality Director

Marco Cipelletti

Information Technology Director

Maria Antonietta Zocco

Technical Director


Corporate bodies


Management board 
(in office until approval of 2019 Balance)
Board of statutory auditors 
in office until approval of 2019 Balance)

Fabrizio Favara


Monica Petrella


Bernhard Kunz

Vice President

Massimiliano Natale

Statutory auditor

Marco Gosso

Managing Director

Simone Bruno

Statutory auditor

Immi Tonndorf       

Member of the Board of Director  

Chiara Benetti Genolini

Substitute auditor

Paola Goi

Member of the Board of Director

Serena Viselli

Substitute auditor


Economic data 

Statistical data

Technical data

Turnover: 200,4 million €

103.856 domestic consignments (135.365 load units)
272.296 international consignments (371.187 load units)
4.776 trains in domestic traffic
16.995 trains in international traffic

The company has a pool of 1.800 wagons and 2.871 modules (1.786 of which it owns) used for both domestic and international consignments.

Key statistics in 2017